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Effect of different zinc plating methods on baling tape

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Wooden boxes, color coated sheet, strip, steel plate, steel wire, welded pipe, 
aluminum ingot, magnesium ingot, baling zinc and so on.
Effect of different zinc plating methods on baling tape:
Hot galvanized belt because it is in the hot galvanizing production line, through continuous annealing, continuous hot dip galvanizing liquid steel is heated in a short time and cooling, so the stamping performance than the original cold rolled plate.
Because of the influence of heating and cooling in the electroplating process, the zinc galvanized packing belt has the same punching performance as the original cold rolling plate. Its zinc coating, did not generate a weak iron zinc alloy layer, zinc coating has good ductility, but because of its surface pores, low strength, easy scratch, vulnerable to dry paint and other pollution.

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